ETERNAL ABSTRACT ART offers abstract art custom paintings as well as custom abstract art paintings that incorporates ashes (cremains) of your loved ones (humans or pets) known as Cremation Art (please click here for more information).


Simone Lindsay is the artist behind ETERNAL ABSTRACT ART.

With her passion for art, nature and animals Simone wanted to create one of a kind pieces of art.


There are three categories of art such as EPOXY RESIN ART, RUST ART as well as CREMATION ART. 


The EPOXY RESIN ART has a more contemporary, modern glass like feeling, unless gemstones or cremains (ashes) are incorporated into the epoxy finish.


The RUST ART is done with a texturing blend and various patinas to create an authentic look of rust. Simone’s inspiration comes from animals and nature, especially trees. RUST ART also has a beautiful texture.

Each art piece is unique. All art work is custom and is available in all sizes. Smallest size is 12 x 12.

Please contact us for more information at 440.313.1067